We Help You Save Water

AquaLid is a unique liquid that spreads across the surface of water forming a very thin layer.

This AquaLid layer greatly reduces evaporation and heat loss.

    • Save on Water Costs
    • Save on Heating Costs
    • Safe for drinking water
    • Biodegradable

Wow, a 29% saving on my water bill when I started using Aqualid! This is my secret weapon for reducing pool costs. Aqualid pays for itself in a month, and the rest of year it's just savings. Absolutely gets a recommendation from me.

Josh Brown Los Angeles, CA
Nasrin Mohammad San Diego, CA

I'll be honest, I was skeptical. I live in Southern California and the climate here is hot. Claiming you can save water AND kill the mosquitoes in my koi pond - that's a BIG promise. I just didn't believe it. 
I am humbled (and excited) to say I was wrong. I have been using Aqualid for a while now and the results are truly amazing. There are no mosquitoes at all in my pond. As in ZERO. The fish are happily swimming around and the water level isn't dropping. I don't know what kind of magic this is, but I LOVE AQUALID!

How AquaLid Works



Pour a small amount of AquaLid into the water. A typical swimming pool will require 2oz.



AquaLid will automatically spread over the surface of water in a matter of minutes.



AquaLid will reduce evaporation by up to 50%. This will save water and reduce energy costs.

I use Aqualid every month. It's easy to use, it saves money and best of all, it WORKS. The personal touch your team gives all my questions really makes things easy - thank you so much and keep up the great work.

Kesser Ali Henderson, NV
Kamal Usman San Diego, CA

I was a bit hesitant using AquaLid in my pool because I didn't know how safe it was. But once I tried it, the results are great - our pool is warmer so the kids can stay in for longer. Plus you can't see, smell or taste it... it's our invisible money saving friend!

Common Questions

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Can I swim while AquaLid is in my pool?

I have a swimming pool. What happens if I swallow water with AquaLid in it?

Does AquaLid stop oxygen entering the water? I'm worried the fish in my pond will die.

Are you a rainmaker?

Can you make it rain?

Are you sure you are not a rainmaker?

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